A Little Extra TLC with Nesin

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 Written by: Dr. Michaella Merritt, PT, DPT


Treat yo’self. I utilize this phrase often at the end of a long work week, whether that is on the way to pick up a large caffeinated beverage or binging the latest episodes of my favorite tv sitcom. Everyone has their favorite way to decompress after a long day in the office, but are we actually treating ourselves or just our symptoms?  


Self care comes in many forms, and although I am never against a crafted coffee or a night in watching The Office, I find that we often ignore some of the things that our body actually needs to feel rested, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the demands of daily life. 


Why are hips and knees sore after spending a lot of time walking around the office or taking an extra long trip to the grocery store? Does your back get irritated sitting at your desk job? Or with repetitive bending and lifting to take care of your household chores? Are you able to play a game of pickleball without immediately regretting it the next morning? (Speaking from experience on this one!) Our bodies are built to be strong, sturdy, and resilient to handle regular physical activity and the demands of daily life without feeling like you ran a marathon. Have you ever heard of the phrase “If you don’t use it, you lose it”? This rings true to our bodies. I find that we often treat ourselves in every aspect except for physically.


One of the reasons it may be more difficult to trust the process of physical rehabilitation is that we don’t see the immediate results like we do when we eat our favorite treat or watch a good-feeling movie. We often fall into wanting instant gratification, however the human body works a little differently. It requires patience, consistency, and intentional time listening to what it needs in order to grow. Sounds a lot like a long-term relationship right? Well, it is! We are in a committed relationship with our bodies for life, so we need to treat them as such.


Here at Nesin Physical Therapy, we can help you identify movement related impairments that may be contributing to your pain and provide you with a personalized plan to get stronger, more mobile, and confident in your ability to “live life better.” The hardest step is often the first step, committing to fueling your body and your mind physically rather than living in the in-between. Our team of experts is here to take the leap with you and help you fall in love with life again. 


Valentine’s Day may have passed, but treat yourself to a little extra TLC with Nesin. Let us help you put in the extra work to identify areas where you can grow and provide the tools to nurture this growth into daily habits that support your physical well-being! For more information, visit www.nesintherapy.com/about/locations/ and give one of our locations a call.