At Nesin Therapy, our approach to physical therapy is truly different. Our hands-on personalized treatment plan goes farther than the standard exercise-based approach and is delivered one on one by licensed staff. We work beyond the joint and address the underlying issues to more effectively manage or eliminate pain.

In 1987, Janet Nesin founded Nesin Therapy. The initial practice provided contract physical therapy services for home health agencies and nursing homes. She began the business from her home with one employee, Sandy Kimbrel, who retired from Nesin Therapy in 2017 after 30 years with the company. Janet’s primary goals included controlling the quality of physical therapy services and providing flexible work schedules for her employees. Michelle and Janine Nesin began to treat patients alongside their mother at the beginning of their careers. The company transitioned from contract to outpatient services. Nesin has expanded into three clinics in Madison, Southeast Huntsville and Research Park.

Nesin Therapy values excellence, collaboration, life-long learning, integrity, and nurturing. The company implements these values daily in order to provide the highest quality physical therapy services.

Nesin’s vision is to set the standard of excellence for the nation as a model physical therapy practice. The mission of the company is to improve the health and well-being of our clients and community while securing a stable business environment that nurtures professional and personal growth for our employees.