Our Approach To Physical Therapy

At Nesin Therapy, our approach to physical therapy is truly different. Our hands-on, Personalized treatment plan goes farther than the standard exercise-based approach and is delivered one on one by licensed staff. We work beyond the joint and address the underlying issues to more effectively manage or eliminate pain.

Here's What Our Patients Have To Say

I've only had therapy in Alabama, including Birmingham, Huntsville, Madison and Decatur. If previous therapy is an indicator of what is available throughout the country, then Nesin has truly met its mission statement and set a higher standard for the nation. The office staff is cheerful and helpful. The therapists possess "healing hands", they provide well written instructions with exercise print-outs, and give excellent advice for what to do when you’re in pain as well as how to help prevent it. Nesin Therapy is different - it decreases pain, improves health, and restores hope.

From my very first visit to the last, my experience with Nesin Therapy was outstanding, and a shining example of excellence in healthcare. All physical therapists worked hard to understand my background, my goals, and not only properly diagnose and treat my specific condition, but educate me on the likely indirect causes of my problem. It was clear that they were truly focused on helping me achieve my goals using the most appropriate methods.

Nesin’s facility was clean, the staff very professional and friendly. My therapists were awesome. They were patient with me and very thorough in explaining just how the healing process would be on my shoulder. They were very knowledgeable and everything they told me about range of motion, pain, strength, and the overall progress of my shoulder was spot on. I trusted them completely, which is very hard when you are in pain. I would definitely come back for therapy and will definitely recommend Nesin.

How We Are Different