Team Approach To Physical Therapy

Our team approach is an essential component for providing the most comprehensive physical therapy available in the region. Your team typically consists of 3 therapists assessing, treating and collaborating regarding your care. Just as in every medical condition, three experts are better than one. Each therapist may look at your problem from a slightly different angle and/or utilize different treatment techniques. This provides an extremely comprehensive approach as therapists combine their extensive experience to optimize your rehabilitation program.

Here's What Our Patients Have To Say

I was seen by a team of physical therapists. They were very professional and as a team were able to treat my problem. The home exercises they recommended based on their examinations helped me to be nearly 100% pain free. I highly recommend Nesin."

It was the best experience. My therapists were very knowledgeable and used a teamwork approach. I like the hands on, one-on-one attention and I like that I was a given a home program designed specifically for my needs. I also liked that my therapy time concentrated on alleviating pain without just watching me perform the home program exercises.

You have a remarkable staff for both office and therapy care! Each therapist brought new or different therapies to try to ease the pain in my right side. All were patient and all really listened to my questions about my problem. Your facility is both clean and attractive. Our whole family wants to thank you for your care of my puzzling pain. Give "high-fives" all around for a job well done.

How We Are Different