All Things Foam Rolling + Giveaway

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Written by: Becky Deason, PT, MPT & COO

I used to think that the foam roller was used purely to elicit pain in my legs and hips as I tried to “work out” my soreness.  However, it is a great tool for so much more.  I can’t think of a diagnosis we treat here at Nesin that cannot be helped with a variety of foam roller exercises.

Core Stabilization

I personally started using it for core stabilization exercises after my own battle with knee pain while running. Sure, I used it on my leg muscles too, but working on balance and core stabilization was what I really needed.  I was also easily able to tell when I was getting stronger by how much or little extra support I needed to balance during my exercises.  It wasn’t until my core and posture improved that my knee pain really went away.  The weakness was causing issues in my hips and pelvis, which was ultimately leading to the problems in my knee.   If I would have only focused on my area of pain (knee), I would never have gotten to the source of the problem.  Treating the symptom is necessary, but finding the root problem is what we are always focused on here at Nesin.


I’m always excited when I work with someone using the whole body postural routine because I get to demonstrate and work along with my patients.   It helps me maintain better posture and lets me know where I need to spend extra time.   If I run into problems on myself while teaching patients to use the foam roller, I know I need to do it more often.  But ultimately, I’ve learned through personal experience, it’s a much more versatile tool than just a painful muscle smasher.

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Watch the video below for Foam Roller Stretches: