How to Manage Your (Common but Not Normal) Low Back Pain

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Written by:  Derrik Born, PTA

Did you know eight out of ten people will experience low back pain at some time in their life? Yes, that’s a crazy stat, but low back pain can affect all aspects of life including work, home and even recreational activities. 

Let’s dive further into low back pain…

Low back pain may present as anything from a mild discomfort to extreme debilitating pain, and it may last from a momentary “twinge” to a long standing/chronic pain. Not to mention there are many factors such as poor posture and body mechanics that can contribute to the presence of low back pain.

Wondering how you can reduce the incidence and intensity of low back pain?

1. Apply heat or ice

The general rule is if pain is inflammatory in nature (hot, swollen, red) ice is usually indicated. Muscle soreness and tightness tend to respond well to the use of heat, including hot packs, warm showers or baths.

2. Regularly stretch & exercise

You may not think you have time to incorporate this into your schedule, but stretching and exercising are important and helpful. Think about strengthening your core when putting together your exercise program

3. Consider your posture

We promise we are not suggesting this just to be suggesting things. Improved posture helps decrease stress and strain on the low back allowing more efficient function with daily activities, and can help you sleep better. In fact, supportive sleep positions can assist with healing and decreasing lower back pain.

4. Seek physical therapy treatment

Physical therapy can be beneficial to improving low back pain through establishing a good program as outlined above. In addition, a hands-on approach can address restrictions in the joints and soft tissues/nerves to allow an individual to efficiently perform exercises and improve their posture. Re-education of nerves and muscles can be performed to increase carryover into daily function. Modalities including electrical stimulation, ultrasound, heat and ice may also be used for pain control.

Each recommendation plays a major role in helping manage and resolve lower back pain. If you’re one of the eight, come see us at Nesin and live life better today!

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