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Nesin TherapyKeeping It Healthy

Written by: Sarah Frye, PT, DPT

Pain can be distracting. Have you ever been at a gathering or in a meeting and you just can’t get comfortable? It’s that nagging and annoying feeling that so many of my patients describe that has the ability to disrupt one’s concentration. Pain is powerful – it is usually the factor that drives us to take action. It’s no wonder then, that pain may cause irritability and keep you from being yourself or keep you from reaching your goals – whether the goals are for your health or related to hobbies or daily activities. 

What if I told you that pain is a good thing? Yes, pain – that unpleasant experience that you want to avoid, is normal and is meant to protect and preserve you. In fact, it is necessary for healing. (I recommend you read Explain Pain by David Butler & Lorimer Moseley for an easy to understand explanation of pain, and some entertaining stories). When you experience pain, it means that your body’s system for safety while interacting with the environment is working! We all want to be forewarned when something potentially harmful lies ahead, right? But what are we to do when we get pain or discomfort? That’s where therapy comes in.

In the world of health care, the physical therapists are your coaches. We help you navigate the “warning signs” and get you back onto your feet, allowing you to participate in the things you love at a fuller capacity.  In other words, we want you to live life better. Better than what? Better than the state of dysfunction or better than the normal progression of a condition or disease.

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