Make PT Part of Your Regular Care

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Written by: Derrik Born, PTA

Throbbing tooth pain? You know that your dentist can handle that sudden tooth pain as well as your regular cleanings and check-ups.  Nagging body pain?  A physical therapist can help with that.  But did you know that a physical therapist should be a part of your healthcare team as well, just like regular check-ups with your dentist or physician.

Physical therapists specialize in treating movement dysfunction whether from injury, surgery or just the daily rigors of life. Even poor postural habits such as slouching in your chair can limit your function and affect your health. The goal of physical therapy is to improve quality of life through efficient movement and address the root problems that may be contributing to your pain.

Physical therapy has long been thought of as something people do following surgery or an injury to get stronger and stretch tight muscles. Although this is true, physical therapy can do so much more. Physical therapists can even treat things not commonly thought to be treated by physical therapy including headaches, pelvic pain, nerve pain and balance issues.

What approaches do we use during a treatment session?

  • Manual techniques can be used to increase joint and soft tissue mobility to decrease pain
  • Postural instruction and prescription of specific stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Dry needling, electrical stimulation and ultrasound are some modalities that can be used to decrease pain and promote healing

The benefits from these approaches are extensive, but ultimately we want to encourage you to live life better!  Don’t ignore your back pain, neck tightness or whatever pain you’ve been living with any longer- make physical therapy an integral component of your healthcare team!

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