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Initial Appointment

With recent changes in state law, a physician's referral is no longer required for a physical therapist to perform an initial evaluation (but will be needed for follow-up visits).

If you already have a referral from your physician, nurse practitioner, chiropractor, or dentist, please bring it. If your medical provider's office told you they would fax your referral, please let us know so we can confirm we have received it.


Bring a list of your current medications (This is a Medicare requirement).

Arrive 30 minutes early for your Initial Evaluation.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Follow-Up Treatment

Consistent attendance and providing your therapist with specific feedback regarding your symptoms are also important factors in your recovery. In general, the more effort you put into your therapy, the more you will get out of it.


Frequency of sessions is typically two times per week, then may decrease as you progress.

Treatment sessions last 30-75 minutes.

The treatments generally consist of a combination of manual therapy, posture and balance, strengthening and stretching, and modalities to relieve pain and inflammation. Manual therapy is the cornerstone of our practice.

You will be assigned a home exercise program to address specific problems found during the course of your treatment.


Patient Portal

Our Patient Portal is where you find forms such as Admission Information, Self Evaluation, and HIPPA, available for download. Patients also have the ability to view statements, balances and pay your bill online. Access to the Patient Portal can be found here:
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