Unexpected Pain and Aches…?

Nesin Therapy News

Written by:  Dr. Ashley Bales, PT, DPT & Clinic Director of Huntsville

The holidays are here, and along with the festivities, there can come aches, pains, and unexpected setbacks… But what if I said, maybe it’s not so unexpected?

We say this all the time but everything is connected, and not only do we say it but we truly mean it. Let’s explore some common pain points we see and why ignoring them can lead to bigger issues down the line.

At Nesin, we treat head to toe, so rest assured we’ve often seen and successfully treated various pain points and do so with a holistic approach. I’m going to say it again – Everything is connected. But let me give a scenario to help you all better understand what I mean.

Let’s say you’re coming to see us regarding your knee pain. Absolutely, the pain can radiate at the knee, but we’ll look at the joints above and below to make sure those areas aren’t contributing to the problem. Maybe the weakness in your hips leads to abnormal loading down the leg causing pain in your knee. Or maybe you have poor stability in your ankles. The good news? We’re not just here to treat your knee pain but strengthen your hips and improve upon gait mechanics that ultimately can lead to setbacks such as knee pain.

Another example that can cause bigger issues down the road is *drumroll please* poor posture. Unfortunately, we see this all the time in our clinics. A patient might be coming to us with neck pain or low back pain and poor posture is often to blame. Sure, slouching at your desk today may not cause problems but imagine that over years or even decades. You’ll see that you have neck pain because your computer isn’t at the right height or back pain from routinely slouching in a chair that doesn’t support a neutral spine. Take this a step farther and this can lead to disc issues or even chronic headaches. These might not be things that are thought about daily but can lead to problems over time.

We can get into the specifics of different conditions we treat and how we can help improve and strengthen, but ultimately our message is if the pain point is not addressed other problems and therefore symptoms can emerge! We’re not just here to help you recover, but we’re here to ensure your holidays are jolly and bright, free from physical limitations. If we can help you, visit our website www.nesintherapy.com and give one of our locations a call today!