Which Clinic Should I Go To?

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Remember the good ole days when you just went to Nesin Therapy if you needed physical therapy? The only choice you had to make was – Which location would be most beneficial for you?

I hate to break it to you, but the addition of NesinFIT and Nesin Pelvic Health are a win for you. Now that we have three different speciality clinics, our therapists are able to truly specialize and treat patients with like minded issues. In fact, pelvic health patients and athletes were two demographics that were underserved, and we’re glad we can offer our expertise and services to them in their own clinics!

We know decisions aren’t always the easiest, so we’re breaking it down and suggesting which clinic you should go to. No worries if you’re still not sure, our Patient Care Coordinators can help point you in the right direction too!


Nesin Therapy

Do you have neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain or even foot pain? Dealing with headaches or seeking help with your dizziness? Maybe you have an upcoming orthopedic surgery? The list of conditions we treat is extensive, but ultimately our team of therapists can help you live life better! We offer a combination of hands-on treatment and strengthening to potentially prevent surgery as well as relieve pain and help patients recover post-surgery!



Calling all athletes – NesinFIT is for you! Hurt yourself on the court playing pickleball? Training for a marathon and your IT Band keeps flaring up? Lifting overhead continues to cause you pain? Our teams at NesinFIT can help you bridge the gap between rehab and fitness and get you back to serving up amazing serves, running and performing lifts with no problem!


Nesin Pelvic Health

This is for ANYONE with pelvic issues or conditions! Think pelvic pain, urinary and fecal incontinence, bowel and gut conditions, pre and postpartum rehab, pain with intercourse – just to name a few. We know these can be delicate issues, but please know this is a place where wellness begins and our experts are more than ready to help you!


Hopefully this sheds some light on our 3 different brands?! Remember it’s a new year and all of our team will be glad to help you; YOU just have to prioritize your health! For more information, visit www.nesintherapy.com/about/locations/ and give one of our locations a call.